• Shiba Inu coin saw a 16.9% increase last week and 6,936% yesterday.
• The mainnet launch is due this year with a few preceding steps such as the Champion NFT hoodie contest and two new coins by SHIB Token.
• The lead dev announced plans to step down from his role at SHIB Token after ongoing works are completed.

Shiba Inu Lead Dev Announces Plans to Step Down

The mysterious leader of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, recently penned a blog post announcing his plans to step down from his role at SHIB Token once ongoing works are completed. Kusama assured the community that he was not a quitter and would ensure all projects are finished before leaving.

Recent Performance of Shiba Inu Coin

In the last week, Shiba Inu coin inked 16.9%, restoring multiple support lines. Shibburn catapulted by 6,936% yesterday as BTC touched $30,000.

Upcoming Projects for the Ecosystem

The upcoming projects include the new Shibarium physical studio which will feature Champion NFT hoodie contest submissions open until 28 June 2023 and two new coins called $SHI stablecoin and $TREAT. Additionally, Kusama is working on a “Worldpaper” detailing activities so far and initiatives such as Shibacon mentioned in the “Woofpaper” as well as blockchain version of Shiba Eternity which will be complete before he leaves his position permanently.

Precautions Against Phishing Scams

Kusama warned that bad actors on social media might use names of upcoming products to set up phishing sites so users should be aware when using these services online or through social media platforms like Twitter.


In conclusion, Kusama promised that he wouldn’t leave until “it will no longer be necessary” thus ensuring the self-sufficiency of Shibarium ecosystem before departing from his current position at SHIB Token

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