• Paris Blockchain Week showcases innovative startups creating tools to boost crypto adoption.
• These range from user security to developer tools and are crucial for the growth of the DeFi space.
• Startups like Web3 Antivirus, QuickNode, and Alyra aim to make blockchain development easier and more secure.

Paris Blockchain Week: Innovative Startups

Paris Blockchain Week is a major event in Europe showcasing some of the most innovative startups in the blockchain industry. These companies are creating various tools to boost crypto adoption and ensure user security.

Security Tools for Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency users need reliable security tools, especially when starting out in the blockchain space. To this end, Web3 Antivirus offers browser extensions that scan incoming blockchain transactions and blocks malicious ones. Its oracle network can detect known malicious code within smart contracts – an essential step towards making crypto more secure and accessible to users.

Cloud Development Services for Blockchain

The growth of DeFi depends on skilled blockchain developers who can create new decentralized applications (dApps). QuickNode provides cloud-based services enabling developers to easily host their dApps on major blockchain networks without running their own nodes. This drastically simplifies the process of developing decentralized applications, thus reducing the barrier to entry for new developers.

Teaching a New Generation of Professionals

Alyra is another startup at Paris Blockchain Week focused on bringing young people into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This company provides resources such as tutorials, courses, and job opportunities that enable students to get acquainted with cutting-edge technologies like Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric. By teaching a new generation about crypto assets, Alyra hopes to foster further innovation within the industry by providing fresh talent with necessary skillsets.


Overall, startups at Paris Blockchain Week have demonstrated that despite ongoing volatility in markets and macroeconomic risks, there are still plenty of thrilling projects coming out of Europe’s biggest blockchain event this year. From overhauling crypto security solutions to making development simpler – these startups have shown that progress continues unabated within this rapidly maturing field

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