• Terra Classic community has recently passed proposal #11653, transferring admin rights from Professor Edward Kim to L1JTF leader Vinh Nguyen.
• Bilbo Baggins, a prominent Terra Luna Classic community member, was voted out of the administration panel almost unanimously by the Terra community and refused to give away his admin rights.
• The dispute between Bilbo Baggins and other members escalated on Twitter as they argued over the creation of the Commonwealth Forum and its use to help the community.

Proposal #11653 Transfer Admin Rights

The Terra Classic community has recently passed proposal #11653. Professor Edward Kim withdrew his admin rights to the Commonwealth and transferred them to L1JTF’s head Vinh Nguyen, in accordance with community voting. However, Bilbo Baggins, who was also part of this transfer, took to Twitter to protest against it.

Bilbo Baggins‘ Protest

Mr. Baggins argued that he created the discussion forum and compared it to giving away his Twitter account: “So if I get a governance prop passed to take over your Twitter account, you have to give it to me, right?” Other Terra Classic community members were unsatisfied with this conduct and pointed out that the Commonwealth Forum was created for the benefit of all members of the team. In response, Mr. Baggins stated: “Go right ahead and create a new one. No one’s stopping anyone from doing that.“

Escalating Dispute

The disagreement between Mr. Baggins and other Terra Luna Classic members escalated further on Twitter as they debated on how best serve their interests – whether through Mr. Bagging’s originally created forum or through creating an entirely new one following proposals within governance systems such as 11653.

Impact on Community

This debate had significant implications for both current administrator roles within the classic network as well as who would be elected onto future committees due largely in part because of how vocal Mr. Bagging’s opinion had become on social media platforms such as Twitter.. This ultimately caused a large amount of unrest throughout various parts of this decentralized network’s user base which likely could’ve been avoided if there were better established protocols for handling disagreements within this sort of virtual environment before they become full-fledged public arguments online .


This recent debacle demonstrates how important it is for any decentralized network or organization’s governing system has protocols in place which can handle disputes among its users without resorting to public spats online which can easily escalate into larger issues with potential reputational damage for all parties involved . It also highlights how much power certain administrators may have over others when they hold positions within these organizations , so proper checks and balances must be implemented at all times in order ensure there are no systematic abuses of power occurring .

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