„I literally won $24k with memes and shit messages. Thanks reddit, thanks to the crypto community“.

The year 2020 was complicated, yet some people made our lives better and plucked some smiles from us after creating some fun memes. The creators of the funny images are all over the world and often we don’t even know who they are. One of these creators is an active user at Reddit, one of the largest social networks in the world. In a recent post he revealed that he made $23,736,000 by creating memes and publishing „shit texts#“ on the social network.

The user explained the complex process of winning Bitcoin Era in a post that ended up viralizing. According to the text, he won several reddit native currencies by publishing the memes and random texts and exchanged everything for bitcoins.

Reddit rewards users for contributions through a currency called „moon“, according to the user identified as Cryptorich13, he won 80 thousand moon coins and exchanged for Bitcoin, with the recent high of the digital currency he now has almost 24 thousand dollars.

The reedit token moon is a way for people to be rewarded for their contributions in the r/CryptoCurrency subforum. The token can be claimed in the Reddit application on iOS or Android.

The coins are distributed monthly based on each user’s individual contributions (comments, posts, etc.). Reddit has a metric to measure each user’s contribution, but the final decision is up to the community through „tanned“.

Moon is a digital asset that runs on the testnet of the Ethereum blockchain, but according to his explanation, he used a platform to transfer the tokens to another blockchain, the XDai.

From the moment the tokens were in the new blockchain, he managed to use the decentralized HoneySwap platform to exchange the assets for other crypto currencies, so he exchanged everything for Bitcoin.

„I made many posts in 2017. I won 80 thousand moons of reddit earlier this year, which I sold on rinkeby testnet using XDai and honeyswap and immediately bought Bitcoin with it. (0.92 BTC to be exact). This BTC is now worth US$ 23,736 (R$ 123,825.96)“.

It is worth remembering that the valuation of Bitcoin in 2020 was over 260%, at the beginning of the year, when it changed the digital asset, the currency was traded in the range of $ 7,000, now the cryptomeda is worth over $ 26,000.

The user who is active in the forum has a very busy profile and full of medals.

In the text he reveals that on the day of the sale of the tokens moons, each coin was worth US$ 0.11, the process lasted at least 36 hours, as it sold fractions of 500 to 1000 tokens at a time, depending on the price movement of the digital asset.

He said that each time he sold 1,000 tokens the price of the asset drops a little, reaching US$ 0.08, a normal movement when supply increases and demand falls.

After finishing the process he sold 80 thousand moons and got 0.92 bitcoins, he reinforced that all the tokens won were by memes posts and „merd# publications“, he also thanked the reddit cryptomedas community.

„I literally won $24k with memes and shit posts. Thanks reddit, thanks to the crypto community.

The reddit finished the post saying he will save the bitcoins, and will probably publish a new post in 2030: „my bitcoins are now worth $3 million, hold on“, he joked.

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